As we have been driven by our fear state, we seek immediate gratification, relief. We turn to films and shows of the lives of others we can escape ourselves into until we become non-living even just for a moment. In our rooms, our doors close so we can exist in a virtual reality. We’ve stopped caring about one another. We can remember the last time we made friends with our neighbors, as we knocked to see if they can “come out and play” – as we grow older we grow logical and we have forgotten where our hearts are. The world confuses us into a pretend adulthood where we refuse to see ourselves as children once. That we in fact have an inner child who wants to touch, connect, to come out and play. We are being groomed into an existence that’s autonomous, like the machine’s we will become. Where we believe in the logical realm is perfection – the correct dosage of feelings to where there are none. Because we lost cope with being imperfect.

We all talk about our days in a bland and factual manner, then we move on until we become even more so. Until we become so isolated, for without feelings – what’s the point of relationships. We clock in & out for the day to serve the upper powers. We have been slaves for so long. We don’t even realize, all that we have given up, when we had given in to the fearful existence that has led us here, to barely be. Long gone are the days where we were different from one another. Unique is annihilated as we become mechanical in being. Feelings are manufactured & at times controlled by the upper powers. A manufactured, controlled existence.

The knowledge of our history, destroyed by the push of a button. Imagine a street that cries into an empty echo, while they erase our mind – so that they can get away with in plain sight. Don’t let them get away with, by not letting ourselves get more away from – each other.

© Photo by Umberto Nicoletti


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